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1. Which side effect (s) should the nurse include in the teaching… 1.    Which side effect (s) should the nurse include in the teaching for a client prescribed a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI)?Select one:a. Akathisiab. Tardive Dyskinesiac. parkinsonismd. Sexual dysfunction2.    A client admitted for chest pain related to cocaine abuse states “This is nothing but a little indigestion. What is all the fuss about?” This client is using which defense mechanism?Select one:a. Minimizationb. Denialc. Rationalizationd. Projection 3.    When collecting data during the psychiatric nursing assessment the goals should include which of the following? Select all that apply.Select one or more:a. Establishing a rapport.b. Formulating a plan of care.c. Prescribing medications.d. Reviewing the patient’s physical status. 4.    According to Maslow’s hierarchy of need, the most basic needs for psychiatric mental health nursing are:Select one:A. Physiologicalb. Safetyc. Love and belongingd. Self-actualization 5.    Which of the following behaviors would best indicate the client is experiencing a mental illness?Select one:a. decrease in the amount of creativity a client exhibits.b. An increase in the amount of emotional stress.c. Grieving the loss of a significant family member for a month.d. Inability to adapt to stress from a change in the environment. 6.    A client is concerned that information given to the nurse remains confidential. Which is the nurse’s best response?Select one:a. “Your information is confidential. It will be kept between you and I”b. “I will share the information with staff members only with your approval”c. “If the information impacts your care, I will need to share it with the treatment team.”d. “You can make the decision whether your physician needs this information or not.” 7.    There is one bed available on an inpatient psychiatric unit. For which client should the nurse advocate emergency commitment?Select one:a. An individual who is persistently mentally ill and evicted from an apartmentb. An individual treated in the emergency department for generalized anxiety disorderc. An individual who is delusional and has a plan to kill her husbandd. An individual who rates his mood 4/10 and is participating in a no-harm safety plan 8.    Which tools should be used when the nurse is communicating with a client? (Select all that apply)Select one or more:a. Active listeningb. Advisingc. Clarifying techniquesd. Giving approval 9.    Which nurse behavior jeopardizes the boundaries of the nurse patient relationship?Select one:a. Focusing on the patient’s needsb. Suspending value judgmentsc. Recognizing the value of supervisiond. Allowing the relationship to become social 10.  Which nurse-client communication centered skill implies “respect”Select one:a. The nurse communicates regard for the client as a person who is valued and accepted without qualificationb. The nurse communicates an understanding of the client’s world from the client’s internal frame of reference, with sensitivity to the client’s current feelings and the ability to communicate this understanding in language attuned to the client.c. The nurse communicates that the nurse is an open person who is self congruent, authentic and transparent.d. The nurse communicates specific terminology rather than abstractions in the discussion of the client’s feelings, experiences and behaviors. 11.  Which action by a community mental health nurse would be inappropriate?Select one:a. Assisting an elderly with hanging curtains in the home.b. Demonstrating the use of public transportation to a mental health clinic.c. Facilitating access to a community kitchen for two meals a day.d. Turning off an offensive television program without the client’s permission. 12.  Which of the following statements by the nurse reflects the best use of therapeutic interaction techniques?Select one:a. You look upset would you like to talk about it?b. I’d like to know more about your family. Tell me about themc. I understand that you lost your partner. I don’t think I could go on if that happened.d. You look very sad how long have you been this way? 13.  To encourage thought which of the following approaches is NOT therapeutic:Select one:a. “Why do you feel angry?”b. “When do you usually feel angry?”c. “How do you usually express anger?”d. “What situations provoke you to be angry?” 14.  The nurse recognizes the purpose of the mental status exam is to:Select one:a. Assess the psychosocial history.b. Collect subjective data from the client.c. Evaluate the individual’s current cognitive process.d. Evaluate the past medical and psychiatric history. 15.  Which statement by the nurse would be considered non-therapeutic?Select one:a. “How do you feel about stopping the medication?”b. “I am not sure I follow you, give me an example.”c. “Tell me the reasons that led to your decision to stop taking medications.”d. “Why did you stop taking your medication?” 16.  The nurse on the inpatient psychiatric unit receives report from the previous shift. Which client behavior should the nurse assess first? The clientSelect one:a. concerned about not meeting career goals.b. exhibiting hostile behaviors toward another client.c. upset that family can only be seen during visiting hours.d. who is withdrawn and refuses to attend group therapy. 17.  A client recently admitted to the inpatient unit of the mental health facility is requesting to leave against medical advice. Which intervention should be a priority for the nurse?Select one:a. Check the chart for voluntary or involuntary commitment status.b. Place the client on a one to one observation avoiding elopement.c. Prohibit the client from leaving by restricting to the room.d. Tell the client leaving against medical advice is not permitted. 18.  The nurse must be aware a client admitted to a psychiatric unit has the right to:Select one:a. be treated by the unit staff of his or her choiceb. be released within 24 hours.c. have a consultation at the hospital’s expense.d. refuse psychotropic medication 19.  Which client could require an involuntary commitment to a mental health facility? The clientSelect one:a. diagnosed with anxiety disorder afraid to leave the home.b. diagnosed with depression attempted suicide six months ago.c. with bipolar disorder who is pacing in front of his home.d. with schizophrenia threatening to harm his family with a knife. Health Science Science NursingNURS 2230

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