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gu/antibiotics Student Name: _____________________________________… gu/antibioticsStudent Name: _____________________________________Student #: _____________________________________Date: _____________________________________1 In order to reduce the risk of tetracycline, which instruction will the nurse provide thepatient?A) Limit direct sunlight exposure to 2 hoursB) avoid alcoholC) increase your intake of calciumD) brush your teeth 3 timea a day2 A child weighs 32 lb is prescribed piperacillin/tazobactam 240 mg/kg/day in 3 divided doses.Calculate the individual dose. Round to the nearest whole number.A) 3600 mgB) 2400 mgC) 1200 mgD) 600 mg3 Ancef 1200 mg in 100 ml normal saline is to run in over 30 minutes. The drip factor is 60gtts/min. Calculate the drop rate.Round the answer to the nearest whole nunmberA) 100 ggts/minB) 200 drops /minC) 300 drops/minD) 400 drops per minute4 Which instruction does the nurse provide the client taking an antibiotic for suspectedstreptococcus pharyngitis to reduce the risk of drug resistance?A) stop antibiotic when symptoms are betterB) use oral probiotic while taking antibioticC) use the lowest dose for shortest durationD) if your culture results are negative stop the antibiotic5 A client is diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and prescribed Bactrim a sulfa drug.Which information in the patient history would alert the nurse to withhold the medicine?A) prior urinary tract infectionB) history of kidney stonesC) allergy to furosemideD) recent vaginal child birth6 A client with atrial fibrillation on warfarin has been prescribed erythromycin for a bacterialinfection. The nurse anticipates which adjustment in the current medication regimen?A) increase dose of warfarinB) decrease dose of erythromycinC) decrease the dose of warfarinD) increase the dose of erythromycin7 After administration of gentamycin, the client reports a headache rated 3/10. What is thepriority action of the nurse?A) administer acetaminophenB) review the client’s gentamycin trough levelC) administer calcium gluconate statD) notify the prescriber8 The provider has prescribed an antibiotic for an immunocompromised client with a feverwithout a diagnose cause. What is the priority action of the nurse?A) administer antibioticB) contact the provider about discontinuing the medicationC) obtain all cultures prior to giving antibioticD) review the client’s white blood count prior to administering the medication9 A client on antibiotics develops esophageal candidiasis. The nurse instructs the client thatthis is most likely the result of which process?A) SuperinfectionB) immunosuppressionC) prolonged hyperglycemiaD) a second unrelated infection10 To reduce the risk of nephrotoxicity caused by amphotericin, the nurse will avoidconcurrent administration with which medications? Select all that applyA) acetaminophenB) fexofenedine (allegra)C) cyclosporinD) gentamycinE) ibuprofen11 Vancomysin 1500 mg in 250 ml normal saline is prescribed to run over 2 hours. How manyml/hor will the nurse program the intravenous pump? Round to nearest whole number.A) 100 mm/hrB) 125 ml/hrC) 150 ml/hrD) 200 ml/hr12 A client is prescribed Flagyl (metronidazole), which statement by the client would requirethe nurse to intervene?A) my urine is darker than usualB) I drink wine with dinner every nightC) I have been nauseous akk weekD) I have increased my green leafy vegtables13 A client is prescribed Penicillin V potassium for a bacterial infection Which assessmentfinding would require the nurse to notify the healthcare provider immediately?A) white count of 16,000B) Tall, peaked T wavea on EKGC) hypoactive bowel soundsD) neutrophil count of 450014 A client prescribed clindamycin develops several episodes of diarrhea for 2 days. Based onthis information, what is the best response by the nurse?A) diarrhea is a common side effect, increase your fiberB) this may be a sympton of your infection, we will get a stool cultureC) decrease your dose by halfD) this is a serious side effect, stop the medicine, and follow up in clinic15 The nurse is administering the first dose of Vancomycin intravenously when the clientexperiences intense itching and redness. What is the priority action of the nurse?A) stop the infusion immediatelyB) administer epinephrine immediatelyC) decrease the rate of the intravenous infusionD) administer benadryl16 A client is diagnosed with onychomycosis. He sates he doesn’t like yellow toenails andwants it to go away. he requests oral ketoconazole instead of creams. What is the bestresponse?A) I will contact the provider and request changeB) ketoconazole is used to treat viral infectionsC) Ketoconazole orally has higher risk of liver injuryD) the discoloration will subside without treatment17 The drug of choice for inpatient methicillin-resistant staph aureus (MRSA) is:A) BactrimB) ClindamycinC) VancomycinD) Penicillin18 Outpatient treatment for MRSA can be treated with: Select all that applyA) BactrimB) clindamycinC) AugmentinD) FlagylE) penicillinF) doxycycline19 A patiemt is taking rifampin for tuberculosis and calls the nurse and reports orange-tingedtears/ What is the correct response to the patient’s concern? Select all that applyA) This is a sign of liver injuryB) You may need to replace your contact lensesC) this is harmless side effectD) This is sign tubercu;osis has spread to other organsE) crease your intake of csrrots and citrus foods20 WHEN GIVING AMPHOTERICIN, it is helpful to premedicate the client with thesemedications to decrease side effects, Which are? Select all that applyA) benadrylB) acetaminophenC) epinephrineD) corticosteroidsE) fluconazoleF) mylanta21 In order to prevent cardiac complications, Amphotericin should be given over_________hours?A) 1 hourB) 3 hoursC) 4-6 hoursD) 9 hours22 Which type drug means it kills bacteria?A) bacteriostaticB) aerobicC) anaerobicD) bactericidal23 A client is prescribed potassium chloride 10 mEq/(10 mmol)100nmL 0.9% normal saline tobe infused over 1 hour. Prior to administration, the nurse notes that the priority action by thenurse?A) Administer the medication over 30 minutesB) Administer the medication via the oral routeC) increase oral intake of fluids for the next 2 hours.D) Hold the medication and notify the prescriber24 The nurse is reviewing the client’s laboratory values from this morning’s laboratory blooddraw. Based on the values, what is the priority action of the nurse?Sodium 146mEq/L (146mmol/L)Potassium 3.3 mEq/L ( 3.3 mmol/L)Calcium 8.4 mg/dL (2.10 mmol/L)Magnesium 0.7mEq/L (0.35 mmol/L)Phosphorus 3 mg/dL (0.97 mmol/LA) Place the client on the cardiac monitor.B) Initiate seizure precautions.C) Increase dietary intake of calcium-containing foodD) Prepare for intravenous magnesium supplementation25 A client is receiving whole blood and develops shortness of breath and bibasilar crackles.What is the priority action of the nurse?A) stop the infusionB) give 2 l of oxygenC) notify the prescriberD) elevate the head of bed26 The client is receiving potassium chloride 10 meq in 100 ml normal saline on assessment,the patient reports pain at the infusion site. The nurse notes that the site is warm anderythematous. What is the best action by the nurse?A) slow the rate of the infusionB) apply a warm pack to the siteC) stop the infusion and restart at another siteD) request and oral fom of potassium27 Which medication (s) would the nurse anticipate administering with a client withhyperkalemia? select all that applyA) regular insulinB) magnesium sulfatC) furosemideD) sodium polystyrene sulfonateE) spironalactone28 A client with a history of electrolyte imbalance reports right-sided flank pain and hematuria.The nurse suspects the client is experiencing which electrolyte imbalance?A) hyponatremiaB) hyperphosphatemiaC) hypercalcemiaD) hypokalemia29 A client is prescribed 2 L of 0.45 % normal saline over the next 12 hours. What is thegtt/min using the tubing drop factor of 10gtt/ml?A) 28 gtt/minB) 30 gtt/minC) 32 gtt/minD) 34 gtt/min30 A client has a sodium level of 127 and anxiety. What are the priority nursing action (s)based on this data/? Select all that applyA) place on telemetryB) put up side rails and pad railsC) prepare suction at bedsideD) obtain an order for lorazepam as neededE) obtain IV access31 Select the foods that are high in potassium?A) carrotsB) potatoesC) strawberriesD) spinachE) yogurtF) legumes32 Which solutions are used for hydration and considered isotonic?A) D5WB) D5.45 NSC) Normal SalineD) 3 % salineE) Lactated ringers33 A client is receiving a sulfa antibiotic, which side effect are you most concerned aboutA) nauseaB) diarrheaC) rashD) peeling and sloughing of skin34 Tetracycline is contraindicated in children and pregnancy. What is the reason for thecontraindication?A) sun burnB) graying of teeth due to calcium depletionC) electrolyte imbalanceD) vomiting35 Doxycycline is prescribed to teens for acne. What should the nurse instruct the teen aboutside effects??A) use sun screen and avoid tanning bedsB) take with milkC) take on empty stomachD) take with citrus drinks36 A client is ordered cefdinir 300 mg twice daily. The nurse notes in the client history that heis allergic to penicillin. What is the nurse next priority action?A) give the medicationB) notify presciber possible cross sensitivity since allergic to penicillinC) monitor for allergic reactionD) stop medication37 Ciproflaxin has a black box warning that isA) possible tendon ruptureB) red man syndromeC) liver failureD) kidney failure38 Which class of antibiotics is known for side effect of ototoxicity or neurotoxicity?A) penicillinsB) macroldesC) aminoglycosidesD) cephalasporins39 The client is on cefdinir which side effect will need reported to the physician?A) vomitingB) rashC) ringing in earsD) bloody diarrhea stools40 which classes of antibiotics are safest in pregnancy?A) penicillinB) cephalasporinsC) aminoglycosidesD) teyracyclinesE) macrolides Health Science Science NursingNUR MISC

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