solution: I need a 20-25 slide deck presentation with the following requirements: 1. Company Background, Missi

I need a 20-25 slide deck presentation with the following requirements:

1. Company Background, Mission & Vision

2. SWOT Analysis

3. Competitive Analysis

4. Strategic Positioning Map

5. 4 Ps (Product, Place, Promotion, Price) 

6. Digital Media assessment of Facebook and Twitter Strategic Communication and Engagement

7. Choose 3 out 4 use cases technologies (Blockchain, Meta/Omniverse, AI, IoT)

8. 3 Strategic Recommendations with supporting evidence and/or rational

This presentation must be presented as if it is a paper (example will be added). This presentation must focus more so on the technology side, but also cover the company in general. Information such as the What, Why, and How technology is being implemented by Marriott should be expressed throughout the assignment. Some pictures can be added, but the slides cannot consist of slides with pictures and little to no words. The majority of the slide should focus on explaining the above mentioned requirements. A grid for the competitive analysis (will be attached) must be included on one of the slides. The competitive analysis will need to include more details for the justification. The Dollar Tree attachment is just an example of how to not add so many pictures and articles on each slide. Articles cannot be copied into the presentation, unless there is a graph or table supporting that information. The SWOT must include 3 minimum supports points for each part and should be well detailed. The information attached for Marriott can be used, but please explain more in depth. 

5 Forces Industry Analysis-0

Instructions: (Only fill out columns C & D)
Column C: is your answer 5 Force Determinant (Low, Medium, High)
Column D: is the importance factor (1=low, 2=medium, 3=high) – don’t leave blank
Columns E,F,G are formulas (DON’T Change)
Comments column is free to write
INPUT DON’T CHANGE Comments INV Opportunity Threat N/A
5F Answer Importance Threat of New Entrants
Barriers to Entry Factors L,M,H 1,2,3 LOW MEDIUM HIGH
– Economies of Scale M 2 0 2 0 People like the amenities and service that the hotel has to offer. * X
– Product Differentiation, brand loyal base L 3 0 0 3 With short term rentals growing, offering cheaper options, giving a home type of feel, and becoming the preference; customers are choosing that route over hotels. * X
– Switching cost L 1 0 0 1 Marriott has fair prices based on their quality. With so many hotels, loyal customers save more by sticking with the brand and using rewards. They also offer great better discounts to travelers overall. * X
– 1st Mover Advantage M 2 0 2 0 The hotel brand is big so they could always expand and come up with a chain that is similar, but more advanced than other brands or short term rental companies. * X
– Access to Distribution Channels H 3 3 0 0 Marriott has been around for a long time, but also has the biggest hotel chain; both domestic and internationally. This would make it harder for a new hotel chain to move in and grow. * X
– Intelectual Property, Gov. Regulation M 2 0 2 0 Although Marriott is major in the hospitality industry, they don’t dominate intellectual property. * X
– Barriers to exit H 3 3 0 0 Being the biggest hotel chain, it would cost them a ton to exit the industry. * X
– Response from leaders L 2 0 0 2 The hotels leading in the industry may not be too worried about their competition in regards to what is being offered . * X
– Industry Growth M 2 0 2 0 There is room for other hotels or short term rental options to expand, but Marriott has longevity so it will be hard to reach them. * X
– Capital Requirements L 2 0 0 2 Unless a new company comes in as a partner with another hotel chain that is already established, it will be more difficult to gain capital. * X
– Other
Total 6 8 8
5F Answer Importance Bargaining Power
Bargaining Power of Suppliers L,M,H 1,2,3 LOW MEDIUM HIGH
– Concentration of suppliers vs. industry players L 1 1 0 0 Due to there being so many suppliers it would be harder to bargain with buyers to switch to their company. X
– Switching cost of buyers M 2 0 2 0 There are 2,000+ hotel suppliers to choose from X
– Differentiation of inputs M 1 0 1 0 The products serve the same purpose. Most customers don’t notice unless they consistently stay in hotels. X
– Few substitutes for inputs L 2 0 0 2 There are mulitple suppliers for the different products used in hotels. Some guests don’t even use the products and other guests rarely tell the difference between the different supplier brands * X
– Threat of forward integration L 1 1 0 0 Suppliers are not trying to break into the hotel business X
– Supplier dependance heavily on industry players M 3 0 3 0 Suppliers could sell products in stores instead of hotels * X
– Other
Total 2 6 2
5F Answer Importance Bargaining Power
Bargaining Power of Buyers L,M,H 1,2,3 LOW MEDIUM HIGH
– Concentration of buyers H 3 0 0 3 Because there are so many options available buyers can choose from many brands, such as AirBnB. X
– Switching costs H 3 3 0 0 Many hotels have similar prices and some are fairly priced so buyers can go with another company if they want. * X
– Undiffentiated products, commoditization H 3 0 0 3 Although, different hotels have different amenities, styles, experiences; they all offer a place to stay when needed. X
– Threat of backward integration M 3 0 3 0 Customers can start their own hotel company or open an AirBnB X
– Industry purchase is large fraction of input cost H 3 0 0 3 Companies tend to purchase rooms and meeting spaces from hotels for their employees to conduct business and for business travel. This partnership allows the companies to get special rates, which causes them to continue business with the hotels. X
– High profit customers H 3 0 0 3 They can afford 5 star hotels. They are lookig for experience, amenities and comfortability so its less likely that they’ll try to get discounts. They’re willing to pay top dollar. X
– Quality is not valued by customer H 3 3 0 0 If customers don’t see the value in the product they will go elsewhere. * X
Total 6 3 12
5F Answer Importance Intensity of Rivalry
Rivalry among existing firms L,M,H 1,2,3 LOW MEDIUM HIGH
– Compete on Price M 3 0 3 0 Prices can be competitive at times and a hotel that is doing well can afford to lower ther cost to gain more customers X
– Fixed costs are high H 3 0 0 3 This gives other companies a chance to come in with lower prices as competition X
– High unused capacity H 3 0 0 3 Sometimes a company is forced to lower prices in order to attract customers and compete with their competition. X
– Perishable products L 1 1 0 0 Hotels are built to last so they aren’t perishable. X
– Competitors are many and similarly sized M 2 0 2 0 There are a ton of hotel brands, but aren’t necessarily the same in size. X
– Industry growth is slow M 2 0 2 0 There is plenty of space for growth amongst competitors X
– Exit barriers are high H 3 0 0 3 Due to costs, it isn’t easy to leave the industry. X
– Low chance of “collusion” L 1 1 0 0 Partnering with other companies to grow is a possibility, but if anything a bigger brand would buy out a smaller one. X
– Brand Identity M 2 0 2 0 For loyal customers, brand matters. However, many customers gravitate towards whoever has the better deal. * X
Total 2 9 9
5F Answer Importance Threat of Potential Substitute
Threat of Potential Substitutes L,M,H 1,2,3 LOW MEDIUM HIGH
– Closeness of substitute, easy to switch H 3 0 0 3 Customers can stay at other hotels, hostels, andn short term rentals like AirBnB or VRBO. X
– Performance : Price Relationship H 3 0 0 3 Many AirBnBs hosts are offering luxury stays and some will include a cleaning person, chef on demand, and transporation during their guests stay. X
– Other
Total 0 0 6
Source: Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter, Harvard Business School


Political Opportunity Threat N/A Comment
Stability X Stability in politics ensures no sudden changes with the GDP.
Corruption X Corruption in politics usually leads to negative changes in taxes. This can be a downfall for businesses.
Foreign Trade Policy X Depending on decsions being made, this can increase opportunities to do business internationally.
Tax Policy X May have to increase rates
Funding Grants X Money can be used to expand or enhance current product
Growth X Chance to expand brand
Interest Rates X If the rates increase so will the hotel costs which In turn will raise the room costs
Inflation X The hotel will have to stay consistent with inflation. Inflation also means the possibility of less travelers.
Disposable Income X When consumers have disposable income they look for ways to spend it. Many choose travel as a way to do so.
Labor Costs X Labor costs usually increases which means more money a company has to to pay their employees. In order to balance those expenses, the hotel will have to inncrease prices elsewhere.
Population Growth X
Demographic Changes X With younger people traveling more it could look like an opportunity for increaseed sales. However, younger consumers are increasing their use of
Cultural Changes X The culture seems to change with each new generation. The younger generation is getting more into traveling, working and living abroad for extended periods so there’s a chance they may stay at a Marriott brand.
Consumer Trends/Views X The travel lifetsyle is being promoted more and growing
Workforce Trends X Buyers are creating ways to make more money to spend
Emerging Technologies X Hard Rock has a Reverb hotel that is technologically advanced and I believe Marriott has the capacity to do something similar
Maturing Technologies X There’s always space for them to expand apps and mobile check-in options
Patents X This may stop them from mirroring an idea that could be lucrative
Production X Marriott doesn’t necessarily create technology
Research & Development X There is always space to grow in the hospitality industry
Regulation X This can work in their favor depending on how thee laws are regulated. In some cases laws protect the company.
Employment Laws X If laws are created dictating the number of employess the company can hire or the amount of hours they can work it can be detrimental for Marriott
Consumer Protection Laws X This could result in the lose of revenue if consumers choose to take legal actions against the company
Tax Policies X This could affect the costs for the brand
Anti-trust Laws X Instead of Marriott being able to collaborate with companies like AirBnB to potentially expand this would keep them as competition.
Climate Change X Different changes in the environment could cause physical damage to their estabishments
Envitromental Policies X Marriott has decided to go green to prevent waste
Availability of Input X Marriott could find more ways to recycle and even switch to solar panels to cut expenses and protect the environment
Corporate Social Resp. X Marriott can take better precautions to protect the environment. Showcasing this can attract more consumers.
Health (Pandemic) X Less travelers and less workers if they get sick

Competitive Analysis 0

Most Important Attributes in Category Company A Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3 Competitor 4 Competitor 5 Competitor 6 Evidence
Marriott Hilton AirBnB Wyndham 5 Best
Comfort 5 5 4 5 The hotels always offer the option to have the room cleaned daily, but AirBnB can feel more like a stay at home. 4 Very good
Affordability 4 4 5 4 AirBnB has some of the lowest prices for lodging. Sometimes the cost to rent a house is less than a hotel room. 3 good – average
Amenities 5 5 3 4 Hilton and Marriott have more options for entertainment for guests at their hotels 2 below average
Locations 5 5 3 5 Hilton and Marriott both a great amount hotels, but Hilton has more 1 worst
Options 5 3 3 4 Each has options for lodging on different levels, but Marriott has a bigger variety to accommodate different guests needs


Marriott Hotel
Internal Capabilities Strength Weakness N/A
Proprietary Technology X
New Product Introductions X
Patents X
Entrepreneurial X
Supply Chain
Production Cost X
Economies of Scale X
Effiencies X
Vertical Integration X
Workforce X
Capacity X
Outsourcing X
Finance – Access to Capital
Financial Resources X
Profitability X
Cash Available X
Financing Capacity X
Parent Company financing X
CEO, C-Suite X
Know-how X
Culture X
Turnover X
Experience X
Brand Equity / Image X
Marketing Know-how X
Product Breadth/Depth, Quality X
Place – Distribution Channels X
Promotions – Advertising, Digital Media X
Brand Awareness X
Brand Loyalty X
Customer Service X
Size of Customer base X
Market Penetration X
Sales Force X
Source: Based on “Strategic Market Management” by David Aaker, Christine Moorman


Choose the Top 5
Rank Strengths Rank Weaknesses
2 Very popular brand 3 Many lawsuits
1 Has an abundance of hotels and resorts stateside and abroad 2 Issues with unprotected data
4 Their technological upgrades brings ease to customers 4 Having too many locations may be detrimental to success
3 They have some of the top loyal customers 5 Negative image during natural disaster
5 Market leader 1 Unhappy employess due to stress from strictness
Opportunities Threats
3 First to expand to new economies 1 Other brands that are just as big and established
2 Provide custom services based on individual guests 3 Increased taxes
5 Space to invest more in the overall look of their hotels and resorts 4 Pandemic
4 Ability to expand and cater to different demographics 5 Bigger risk of terrorist attacks due to size of brand and constant trafiic in and out of the hotel
1 Can expand to other sectors of the travel industry 2 Lower prices from other brands


Strengths Weaknesses
Has an abundance of hotels and resorts stateside and abroad Unhappy employess due to stress from strictness
They have some of the top loyal customers Having too many locations may be detrimental to success
First to expand to new economies Ability to continue expanding internationally Having unhappy employees who may quit can halt expansion
Can expand to other sectors of the travel industry They have loyal customers who would partake in their expansion in the travel sector Increasing travel options can increase growth in the company even if more hotels aren’t built
Lower prices from other brands Having such loyal customers can help them keep their place as a lead Unprotected data can increase chances of terrorist attacks
Other brands that are just as big and established Lower prices from other brands may cause current customers to switch brands Increased taxes along with too many lawsuits could cause them to go bankrupt

Henry Gutierrez MAR 4203

Professor Carlos Erban

Company Background

Headquartered in Chesapeake, VA, Dollar Tree operates thousands of stores in North America across 48 contiguous states and five Canadian provinces, supported by a solid and scalable logistics network.

Our roots go back more than 60 years. To appreciate how it all came to pass, you have to rewind more than half a century to K.R. Perry and a Ben Franklin variety store in Wands Corner, Norfolk, Virginia, and to Macon Brock’s, Doug Perry’s (son of K.R. Perry), and Ray Compton’s adventure into $1.00 retailing. A highly successful concept was created using this single price point to build a national chain of stores.


1970 Macon Brock, Doug Perry, and K.R. Perry started K&K Toys in Norfolk, Virginia. This mall concept toy store grew to over 130 stores on the East coast. The K&K 5&10 store continued to exist and served as the foundation for what would become Dollar Tree.

1986 Macon Brock, Doug Perry, and Ray Compton started Only $1.00 with 5 stores, one in Georgia, one in Tennessee, and three in Virginia. The expansion of dollar stores was continued alongside K&K Toys stores, mostly in enclosed malls.

1991 K&K Toys was sold to KB Toys, a Melville Corp., and all assets were applied to the expansion of the dollar stores.

1993 The name of the company (Only $1.00) was changed to Dollar Tree Stores to address what could be a multi-price-point strategy in the future. Part equity interest was sold to SKM partners, a private equity firm.

1997 Dollar Tree broke ground on its first Distribution Center and its new Store Support Center, both located in Chesapeake, Virginia.

History Con’t

2000 Dollar Tree acquired Dollar Express, a Philadelphia-based company, and also opened a new Distribution Center in Stockton, California.

2006 Dollar Tree celebrated its 20th year of retailing at a $1.00 price point and opened its 3,000th store. The Company also acquired 138 Deal$ stores from SUPERVALU INC.

2008 2008 was another milestone year for Dollar Tree as the Company earned a place in the Fortune 500, the only company to do that “A Dollar at a Time.” The Company also had the number-one performing stock in the entire Fortune 500 for that year.

2010 Dollar Tree opened its 4,000th store and acquired 86 Canadian Dollar Giant Stores based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The stores are operated in British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. These are the first retail locations outside of the United States operated by Dollar Tree

2014 Dollar Tree celebrated the opening of its 5000th store

2015 On July 6, the Company acquired Family Dollar located in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Our Mission

Dollar Tree, Inc. is a customer-oriented, value-driven variety store. We will operate profitably, empower our associates to share in its opportunities, rewards and successes; and deal with others in an honest and considerate way. The company’s mission will be consistent with measured and profitable growth.


The Dollar Tree, Inc. is a customer oriented, furthermore it is a value-driven store which operates at a one dollar price. According to the mission statement, the store operates profitably, and empowers its associates so that they can share in its opportunities and the utmost successes. The store also believes in dealing with others in an honest and considerate way. The company mission is formulated in such a manner that it is consistent with the measured and profitable growth.

Vison &Values

Attitude — Responsibility, Integrity, Courtesy

Attitude is everything, and often contagious, which is why we strive to keep a positive attitude in every situation. Whether we are serving customers or working with fellow associates, we are courteous, act responsibly, and carry ourselves with integrity.

Judgment — Do the Right Thing for the Right Reason

What is best for our customers and what is best for our company and associates are guiding principles in every business decision we make.

Commitment — Honor and Respect for Self & Company

From customer to coworker, Dollar Tree associates treat everyone with whom we interact with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

Swot Analysis

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Rank Strengths Rank Weaknesses
1 Price Dollar Tree has a price target of 1.00 1 Workforce
3 New Product Introduction 2 Product Quality
4 Market Penetration 3 Promotion Advertising
2 Economies of Scale (15,288 stores) 4 Brand Awareness
5 Brand Loyalty 5 Size of Customer Base
  Opportunities   Threats
1 Promotion Advertising through use of AI and IOT 1 Competition from other indpendents.