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APA Format

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Emergency Management

Emergency Response

Incident Response


Based on the JPB Train Derailment Scenario Overview (located in Unit 1

Readings & Resources) you will complete the attached ICS-201 form and using

the priorities listed as guidance, develop and list at least three (3) additional

incident objectives that are not the police or fire department to help stabilize this incident. You will then develop a briefing

explaining the rationale for your additional objectives.


• Complete the ICS-201 form by developing at least three (3) additional

objectives to help stabilize the incident as described in the JPB Train

Derailment Overview.

• In a separate document, develop a briefing and explain your rationale for

your additional objectives.

• Use Incident Command System (ICS) and National Incident Management

System (NIMS) terminology throughout the briefing where appropriate.


• This paper is 1.5 to 3 pages in length.

• APA formatting and citations shall be used.

• At least two primary source references will be used.

Written work is clear and excellent college-level work; Paragraphing and transitions are clear and appropriate; appropriate guidelines outlined for paper were met (see assignment directions).

The length of the written work provides in-depth coverage of the topics, assertions are clearly supported by evidence; Paper meets required length of pages and content areas; 3 or more primary sources were used.

APA style was acceptable with no errors or minor errors.

Location of Incident

• Totally Fictitious, this place does NOT exist outside this exercise.

• The location is designed to be at the same Latitude as Delaware,

so temperature and climate is the same as around Dover


• Populations of this fictitious city called Hiatusport is approximately 500,000

• There are numerous industries around the port.

EMH340 – Introduction to Emergency

Response & Incident Management

Hiatusport / JPB Train Derailment

Overall Scenario

• At 0730 August 24, 20XX the JPB Northern train was traveling southbound across the

Sangria River on the POST Railroad Bridge when it derailed. A total of 6 cars left the tracks

and plunged down the 25 foot hill. Three cars to the right of the track and three to the left.

Two cars were carrying 29,000 gallons of No. 4 fuel oil, two cars were carrying pine wood

chips, and two cars were 90 ton pressurized chlorine cars. One of the petroleum cars is

leaking into the river. One of the chlorine cars slid into a tank at Stauffer Chemical and is

releasing chlorine. There is a lot of smoke and a small brush fire on the west side of the

tracks. The crewmembers of the train are accounted for and have been transported to the

hospital for evaluation. Stauffer Chemical was in the middle of a shift change and is unable

to account for 11 people at this time.

• Winds are out of the NW at 2 kts and expect to be that way throughout the rest of the day. High

temps will be in the los 80’s*F, and the water temp is 68*F. Partly cloudy with a potential for

some showers early evening. High Tide (+1.5ft) is at 0834 and low tide (-2ft) is at 2015 local


• The Incident command post is currently located at the intersection of

Smith Road and Terminal Ave. There is a Staging area set up directly

across from the ICP. And a Heli-spot has been set up off Ron Road.

• The Local Fire Department has responded as well as the Stauffer Chemical

facility in house fire brigade. The US Coast Guard is on the water

investigating, and setting up safety and security zones—limiting traffic on

the river

Assumptions and Supporting Information

• The Sangria river is a river basin that leads out into the

Atlantic Ocean, and has some tidal influence up to Duke


• There are numerous environmental sensitive areas around this incident

• Duke island has a native American burial site on its eastern edge.

• This accident does not appear to be a terrorist act

• All required notifications have been made

Situation Report (SITREP) – Update #1

( Readings and Resources

Time: 1300 Local time (5+ hours since the incident occurred)

Chlorine: The leaking Chlorine car continues to leak, and the plume continues to grow,

Chlorine odor can be smelled out at Plourde Point.

Fire: The woodchip fire on the west side of the tracks is spreading into the low lying

vegetation and is approximately 3 acres in size. Fire Suppression operations are being

hindered by the chlorine release.

Oil: The Coast Guard is reporting the leaking oil car is producing a sheen extending out

to the North Side of the River and out to Anchorage A with thicker oil being seen near

and on the shore by the incident. The SE side of Duke Island is oiled. There are 10

birds and one mammal that have been oiled. The animals have been captured and are

being treated by Tri-State Wildlife Rescue.

Missing Personnel: Stauffer Chemical has reported they have found two of their missing

employees home sick. And they have located four others sheltering in place in the

Admin building. Stauffer Chemical is still reporting there are 5 still missing

Facilitiies: A Temporary Flight Restricted (TFR) area has been put in place at the

request of the Incident Commander that extents ½ mile around the incident up to 5000

Above Ground Limit (AGL) / The Coast Guard has established and is enforcing a Safety

/ Security Zone. This is a no transit zone established in the water starting to the West of

the Route 17 bridge and to the entrance way of the Harbor entrance.

Weather: Has stayed the same as previously forecasted – still potential showers for


Misc: Media interest is high. This incident occurred during the morning rush hour. The

smoke and odors are getting a lot of public interest. The Mayors office is quite

concerned about how this incident is being managed.

1. Incident Name

JPB Northern Train Derailment

2. Prepared by: (name) Randy Ashmore

Date: Aug 25 20XX Time: 0800


ICS 201-CG

3. Map/Sketch (include sketch, showing the total area of operations, the incident site/area, overflight results, trajectories, impacted shorelines, or other graphics depicting situational and response status)

4. Current Situation: At 0730 25 August, the JPB Northern Train was traveling Southbound across the Yaz Railroad bridge when it derailed.

A total of six cars left the track. Two were carrying 29,000 gallons of fuel oil and are closest to the river. Two were carrying wood chips, and two

were full 90 ton pressurized chlorine cars. The two wood chip cars landed on the west side of the tracks and one is on fire. The fuel oil cars

Landed one on the east and one on the west side of the tracks nearest the river. The one on the west side of the track is leaking and

Producing a sheen that is expanding. The two chlorine cars ended up crashing through the Stauffer Chemical facilities perimeter fence and

One car hit and damaged a facility tank. The tank does not appear to be leaking at this time, however that one chlorine car is leaking.

Stauffer Chemical was in the middle of a shift change when this incident occurred, there are 11 employees unaccounted for at this time. The

train conductor and his assistant have been located and have been transported to the local hospital with minor injuries.

5. Initial Response Objectives, Current Actions, Planned Actions


1) Life Safety 3) Environmental Cleanup

2) Incident Stabilization 4) Economic Recovery


· Provide for the safety and security of responders and maximize the protection of public health and welfare


: Develop and list at least three, but no more than five additional objectives for this incident below:






Current Actions:

· Actively evacuating personnel and public from the exclusion zone

· Conducting fire suppression operations on the burning rail car and grass fire

· Conducting medical triage and transport

· Enforcing perimeter control around the exclusion area

· Making preparations to conduct entry operations to secure the chlorine release

· Making preparations to search the Stauffer Company for victims

Planned Actions:

· Continue ongoing operations to meet initial response objectives

· Establish temporary morgue location

· Conduct entry operations into the Stauffer facility to secure the chlorine release

· Evaluate shifting the Incident Command Post to the Staffork Yacht Club

· Establish family assistance coordinator.

Incident Potential:

This is a complex incident involving numerous jurisdictions within the Hiatusport community. Anticipate staffing to support 24×7

Operations for the next 3-5 days w/ longer clean-up and recovery.

6. Current Organization (fill in additional appropriate organization)

Incident Commander(s)

Tom Samph (FD)

Safety Officer R. Ashmore (USCG)

Liaison Officer

Public Information Officer

Operations Section

Planning Section

Logistics Section

Finance Section

Don Mroz (FD)

Search Team 1

Search Team 2

Triage Crew 1

Ambulance 1

Ambulance 4

Air Ambulance

Division / Group


J. McDonnel (FD)



Engine 123

Engine 107

Engine 14

Engine 17

Engine 118

Terminal Ave. Staging – K. Bond (FD)

PD-1410 (Helo)

PD 1A12

Sheriff 1567

Sheriff 1569

HPD 1A13

HPD 2344

Division / Group

Division / Group

Division / Group

Division / Group

Law Enforcement

D. Jannetty (PD)

Fire Fighting

J Bailey (FD)


P. McNeilly (CG)


D.Weaver (FD)

7. Resources Summary

Resource Ordered

Resource Identifier







NOTES: (Location/Assignment/Status)

T. Samph (FD)



HAZMAT Team (Type II)




Air Ambulance (Type III)

HCH Air Rescue


Medical Group

D. Mroz



Helicopter (Type II LE)



Law Enforcement Group

Fire Engine (Type I)

HPD Engine 123


Fire Fighting Group

Fire Engine (Type I)

HPD Engine 107


Fire Fighting Group

R. Ashmore



D. Jannetty


Law Enforcement Group Supervisor

Law Enforcement Unit

HSCD Sheriff 1567


Law Enforcement Group

Law Enforcement Unit

HPD 1A12


Law Enforcement Group

D. Weaver


Medical Group Supervisor

Ambulance (Type I)

HCH Ambulance #1


Medical Group

Ambulance (Type II)

HCH Ambulance #4


Medical Group

P. McNeilly


HAZMAT Group Supervisor

J. Bailey


Firefighting Group Supervisor

Fire Engine (Type II)

HPD Engine 17


Fire Fighting Group

J. Mcdonnell


Search Group Supervisor

Law Enforcement Unit

HPD 2344


Law Enforcement Group


M. Cioffi



Fire Engine (Type II)

HCFD Engine 14


Firefighting Group


M. Lewis




R. Dickson



Triage Crew

HCH Crew 1


Medical Group

Staging Area Manager

K. Bond


Terminal Ave Staging

INCIDENT BRIEFING ICS 201-CG (pg 1 of 4) (Rev 6/13)

Copyright 2022 Post University, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

This handout will familiarize you with the city of Hiatusport (Located in our fictitious port of Hiatusport, Delaware), and with the various facilities in and around the port as well as the Coast Guard and other military facilities you may interact with for the purposes of your training scenario. You will need to be familiar with Hiatusport in order to successfully complete the practical exercises. This handout, the maps, and over flight video will help you work through the scenario. When you watch the video you may want to have this document out in front of you as well as a copy of the Hiatusport Map. The City: Hiatusport is located in Hiatusport County on the eastern shore of Delaware. It is at roughly the same latitude as Washington D.C. and has a similar climate. The city population is approximately 500,000 and the county population is 1,250,000. Hiatusport, located at the mouth of the Sangria River, is an industrial city with a good harbor, which makes shipping an important industry. In addition to waterborne access, the city can be reached by several modes of land and air transportation. Two major airlines and one commuter airline serve Hiatusport via Foley International Airport. The Premru Railroad and the JPB Northern Railroad each serve Hiatusport. The Premru (ex-Chessie System line) approaches Hiatusport from the west and serves port facilities on the southern shore of the harbor, including the Hiatusport International Terminal. The JPB approaches from the north, crosses the Sangria River and serves facilities along its shore as well as the Port Authority Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) Terminal. Two major highways run through Hiatusport: Route 17 (also known as the Colin P. Butler Memorial Highway) and Route 1. Route 17 is the inland route that crosses the Sangria River via a bridge, while Route 1 is the coastal route that crosses under the entrance to the harbor via a tunnel. The J. S. Burhoe Conference & Convention Center, located midway between the mouth of the Middle River and the Colin P. Butler Memorial Hwy on the north side of the Sangria River. The Harbor: There are good approaches to the harbor with anchorages located both inside and outside of the harbor entrance. Anchorages A and B are inside and anchorages C and D are outside. The main shipping channel is maintained to a 60 feet depth and 750 foot width. A variety of commercial industries are located in the port area. Starting at the mouth of the Sangria River is Stauffer Chemical, which handles bulk flammable liquids (e.g. toluene hexanes, etc.), styrene and small quantities of stabilized methyl acetylene propadiene mixture, a cargo of particular hazard (COPH). Next, upriver, we come to Triangle Refinery and Public Chemical. These facilities are located between the Yaz Railroad bridge, this EMH340 – Introduction to Emergency Response & Incident Management Introduction to Hiatusport bridge is primarily used by the JPB Northern RR (also known as the Duke Island railroad bridge) and the Hwy. 17 bridge, and they share a pier on the Sangria River. Triangle transfers dangerous cargoes and Public Chemical deals with high quantities of dangerous cargoes including styrene monomer. The next facility upriver is the General American Transportation Co. (GATX) tank farm. While located on the Sangria River, it is not a waterfront facility. The last facility up the Sangria River is McCool Fertilizer. They receive chemical and petroleum products at the rate of about two barges per month. Moving back towards the harbor and located just south of Stauffer Chemical is Smith Grain Company. They deal with soybean oil, not dry grain. Moving south and next to Smith Grain is the Hiatusport County Port Authority RORO Terminal. It deals with containerized cargoes, Class A explosives (another COPH) and hazardous materials. DOD Surface Distribution and Deployment Command (SDDC) plans to use it as a military out-load facility if a load out occurs in Hiatusport and it is considered a military “Key Asset.” Next is McHenrey Terminal which can handle small petroleum tankers and general cargo. On the south shore of the harbor is Hiatusport International Terminal (HIT). This is the most versatile terminal in the port with 6 general cargo berths and 6 container berths. It deals with COPH and hazardous materials and is also a potential military outload facility. It is also a “Key Asset.” Across from HIT and in the harbor is Penguin Island where four more facilities are located. On the north side of the island is Martinez Shipyard, which is a small vessel and barge repair yard no large vessels are worked on. On the east side of the island and just north of the Penguin Island swing bridge is Locklear Coal, which handles bituminous coal shipments. Just south of the bridge on the south end of the island is Bethlehem Steel Co., a scrap steel processor. Bethlehem handles ships and barges 450 to 820 feet long but does not handle dangerous cargoes. Sunshine Oil is located on the northwest corner of the island. It consists of a tank farm and a pier for bulk petroleum transfers. To the east of Penguin Island is downtown Hiatusport. Located there are the City Port Authority Terminal, which handles break-bulk, some container and some RORO cargo. It is a secondary SDDC out-load facility, and has ample office space, parking and dock space. The City Passenger Terminal is also downtown. It handles a couple of cruise ships a month. Between the Passenger Terminal and the downtown Port Authority is Capt Bob’s tours which operates two tour boats, CAPE CHRISTINE, a 150 passenger tour boat and the PRIDE OF HIATUSPORT, a 30 passenger T-boat. Located just north of the Port Authority is the Delaware Power Co. (DEPCO) plant. This is a fossil fuel plant. A DEPCO nuclear plant is located 15 miles south along the coast. Also in downtown Hiatusport is Shark Industries, a torpedo manufacturer, located on Pacific Avenue. This is also a “Key Asset”. The Hiatusport Police Department (HPD) is located in the Central Business District of Hiatusport on Atlantic Ave. There are currently 114 sworn police officers on the HPD force. Copyright 2022 Post University, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED The Hiatusport County Sheriff’s Department (HCSD) is co-located with the Hiatusport County EOC (Emergency Operations Center) South of Crawford Pkwy on Hwy 1. There are currently 105 sworn deputies on the HCSD. HCSD maintains and operates two 31′ Bertram police boats moored at Cavallero Community College. The Hiatusport County Sheriff’s Department (HCSD) is co-located with the Hiatusport County EOC (Emergency Operations Center) South of Crawford Pkwy on Hwy 1. There are currently 105 sworn deputies on the HCSD. HCSD maintains and operates two 31′ Bertram police boats moored at Cavallero Community College. The Hiatusport City Fire Department, located on Pacific Ave, and Hiatusport County Fire Department, located at the EOC, provide shore side fire fighting support at facilities and sites around the Hiatusport area. A HAZMAT team is on duty at all times. The fire department also maintains a small amount of oil boom and sorbent materials. Most firefighters are trained in small spill containment and removal. The City maintains one 45’ foot fireboat and a multipurpose 25-foot fire-rescue Boat and other resources (see resource listings attached). The local Hiatusport Memorial Hospital is located to the west of the Route 17 bridge on Hilton Drive. Cavallero Community College is a two-year institution with campuses located near the mouth of the harbor just north of the Highway 1 tunnel. There are three High Schools in the region. Strickland Darden High School is located north of Turtle Island on the north side of the Sangria River. Ladonn Hights High School is located 1 mile Northwest of Canton Drive on the west side of Route 1. Hiatusport High School is between Atlantic Ave and Pacific Ave and west 1 st Street and west 2nd Street. There are several marinas located around the harbor and along the Sangria River and there are private residences along the banks of the Sangria River. Other agencies in the Hiatusport area that will assist the Coast Guard upon request are the Delaware Marine Fisheries and the Delaware State Game and Inland Fisheries Commission. These agencies have small boats and personnel familiar with the Hiatusport Harbor and Sangria River areas (see resource listings attached). Sensitive Areas: Foggy Marsh is an environmentally sensitive area and is protected as a Conservation Area. The Eastern tip of Duke Island is a culturally sensitive area for the Weenok Native American tribe. Other sensitive areas going up the Sangria river include: Middle River, Turtle Island, and Lefeavers Creek. Sensitive Areas in Hiatusport Inner Harbor Include: Emmons Island, Pickett Island, LaDonn’s Island, Wagner Creek, Green Creek, and Sickler Ditch. There are regional water intake sites on the North side of the Sangria River near buoy

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