answered: for company report assignment class Reflecting on Your Learning First answer the question below:

for company report assignment class

Reflecting on Your Learning

First answer the question below:

1. What were some of the things you learned about writing by completing the paper in stages, as you have done?  Which of these do you feel was the most important, and why? 

And – respond to one or more of the following questions:

1. Now that your team has made a recommendation regarding the company you researched, would you be willing to put your own money behind it (assuming you had the money)?  Why or why not? 

2. Based solely on the recommendations made by the other teams, would you be willing to invest money in their companies?  Which ones and why or why not? 

3. Have your attitudes about investing in the stock market changed from the beginning of the quarter based on what you have learned in the course? How?

Module 10 – Self-Reflective Essay


What is it:

An essay is considered reflective when the writer looks back on a particular experience and discusses what they learned or better understand because of it. Many teachers have students write reflective essays at the end of major projects or units, hoping they will consider their own understanding of the material before the class moves on to the next topic.
From: DePaul University Center for Writing-based Learning: The Self-Reflective Essay

The Format

Section 1: Include a thesis sentence: See Examples below

Thesis Statement Example One: Author Sonya Tecla once said, “Self-reflection is a humbling process. It’s essential to find out why you think, say, and do certain things…then better yourself.”

Thesis Statement Example Two: When I first saw the assignment required me to write a self-reflective essay, I thought, “If I’m not back in five minutes… wait longer!” (From the movie “Ave Ventura: Pet Detective) But I didn’t have to wait five minutes because once I got started writing the essay, the rest became easy.”

Thesis Statement Example Three: The Business writing course has been a plethora of insight for the budding professional, but beyond anything else, the biggest difficulty in this class is the core of its teachings and communication.

Section 2: The Body of the Essay Must Contain the Following:

A. The body of the essay should have three to four paragraphs. Each paragraph has its own central idea and should be about five or six sentences in length.

B. Format your paper in 12 point Times New Roman font in a Word.

C. Model Student-Written Papers: available in Module 10

· Module10-Self-Reflective Essay1.pdf to see a model

· Module10-Self-Reflective Essay2.pdf to see another model

Section 3. What to Write About

Choose three or four subjects to write about from the list below.

What were the most valuable skills you learned in this course? For example? Why? How did your writing skills improve in this course? Consider research, analysis, integration of evidence and sources, outlining, paragraph creation, memo and report structures, and/or adapting for different readers and purpose, and writing by yourself or with a partner.

Compare your skills prior to taking this course. What, specifically, has changed in your writing? When writing about this subject, you might discuss how tone, diction, and attitude affect your reader in terms of establishing friendly business relationships.

Moving forward, what areas do you feel you need to improve and how will you do so? Consider time management, proofreading and revision, researching and analysis, outlining, structuring, accessing and using models for guidance, following directions and rubrics.

OR: Write about a subject your choice that reflects upon your learning and acquisition of skills in this course. This is your chance to be creative.

Enjoy this final writing assignment reflecting on your learning and knowledge!

Model Student-Written Self Reflective Essay

Writing for Business Professionals, Section #99027

Author Sonya Tecla once said, “Self-reflection is a humbling process. It’s essential to

find out why you think, say, and do certain things…then better yourself.” Once you become self

aware, you are in a better position to make the changes that you need to make to improve your

life and the lives of the people around you. Self-reflection helps you steer your own thoughts,

emotions, and behaviors in a healthy direction. This course really helped me improve my

research skills, my group project skills, and my overall writing skills.

When writing a paper that requires a lot of facts and information, you need research. It

is maybe the most important step when you’re writing a paper. I used to find good research that

seemed relevant to the topic of the paper, but I never really analyzed the sources as much as I

should have. I would just fine a source that seemed to be reliable and relevant, and I wouldn’t

really read the entire source. I would skim the article and if I saw at least one thing that I could

use in the paper, then I would use that source. When I saw that one of the assignments was to

analyze each source and explain why it was relevant to the paper and why we wanted to use it, I

realized that it was a great opportunity to improve my research skills and methods. I was

surprised to find that it was one of the most useful assignments throughout the entire quarter. I

was able to continuously go back to that assignment and use it in the later assignments. It really

made the whole writing process easier because I knew what I was writing about, and I really

understood what each source could bring to the paper. One of the biggest things that I learned in

this class was that if you spend a significant amount of time researching in a productive way,

then the whole writing process will be a lot easier.

Working in a group for an online class seemed daunting at first, but I found it to be very

helpful and it ended up being a great experience. In the past, I haven’t had the best group

experiences. I’ve only had two or three group projects where each group member equally

contributed and the project itself was successful, and the rest were very trying and very

unsuccessful. In the past, I’ve usually been the one who had to pick up the slack and basically

finish a project on my own and that made me very closed-minded to group projects. But this

quarter, I teamed up with really great people. I volunteered to be the group leader because I am a

very organized person, and it would be easier if we had one person who could put everyone’s

parts together and make sure everything was cohesive. Each person was responsible for one

section of the paper, and each person did their work on time and in a successful manner. Our

group got along really well, and we worked well together. I learned that not all group projects

will be the same, and that I shouldn’t be so doubtful of other people. I now know that there won’t

always be people who are committed as I am, but I know that there will be a lot of people that

are. I think organizing the project in a fair and easy way made the project and the group

teamwork successful.

Overall, this course was designed to help each student develop their writing skills and to

show how to write a paper for business and professional purposes. In the past, I haven’t hated

writing papers but it definitely was not my favorite thing to do. I have had some teachers that

didn’t seem to care about the content, and they were more focused on word count or length or

grammar and mechanical errors. I have also had teachers that cared so much more about the

content, and they were more concerned about if the student actually understood the content.

Those teachers never gave a minimum length, but I always ended up writing longer and better

papers because I was motivated to focus on the content of the essay. I felt that this class was

equally balanced, but was very focused on the content. I focused on the quality of my writing

instead of the length and it really pushed me to write a paper that I felt was successful.

Overall, I learned a lot in this class based on the content and I learned a lot about myself

as well. I learned that writing quality content is more important than quantity writing. I also

learned that you can change past habits, and the more that I practice writing, the better I get at

writing successful pieces and essays.

Module 10: Model Student-Written Self-Reflective Essay

Writing for Business Professionals


The Business writing course has been a plethora of insight for the budding professional, but

beyond anything else, the biggest difficulty in this class is the core of its

teachings, communication. In today’s rapid digital age, communication is so watered down and

minimal that the easiest mistakes occur out of things that could have been fixed in a quick

two-minute conversation. Written communication is often a destroyer of one’s intent, and

clarity. So how do you attack and win at challenging communication? Read this essay for insight

on modern written communication, new age team work, and the power/ problems with several

eyes on the prize.

In this course, my professional writing skills improved immensely with three main

changes. I kept my writing to the point. In digital communication, unnecessary text gets drown

out quickly, and readers easily lose focus. To combat this problem, only write out your need to

know points, and facts. Otherwise, readers get lost. I always asked for clarification. Another

great trick to digital communication is asking when you aren’t totally sure, not only does

everyone receive the correct result, but teammates are always appreciate a job done right vs. a

job that has to be corrected. Courtesy is key to effective digital communication. The last thing

anyone wants is an angry message, and the last thing you want to do is accidentally write

one. AVOID BOLD TONES!!!!, slang, personal topics, and courteous digital communication

will follow suit nicely.

Another key skill I developed in this class was new age teamwork. By this I mean

working with people you’ll never meet face to face. One of the most difficult challenges of

digital age business is not conducting in person meetings, because of this errors and mistakes

are bound to happen. To avoid this mishap, team members on the same project clarified one

means of communication that everyone could use and be referred back to. My group used a

group text message thread for all of our planning and discussion. All of the information was

compiled in one area that could be easily reviewed. Everyone was included on what was going

on, and information was not lost in various means of communication. Other great sources for

digital work conversations are Email, or the app SLACK for business teams. Remember to keep

one method of communication for a group setting.

Finally, the most important thing I learned thought this course were unforeseen

challenges with digital groups and how to combat them. The first challenge I ran into was bail

out teammates. This problem was corrected by open communication. New teammates were

quickly found, and tasks were delegated within a matter of minutes. Another challenge I

noticed occur over time was that teammates got too comfortable and gradually the work quality

began to suffer. To combat this, I suggest occasionally switching up the roles that way each

member is constantly on their toes. At the end of the day, dedicated players propel others to

achieve great heights, so if you put in the effort, you’ll have a job well done.

Digital business communication can be a minefield to navigate, but with courteously

clear communication, central messaging hubs, and dedication, much can be achieved. Thank

you so much for your time throughout this course, I got a lot out of what I learned here.




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