answered: following instructions and powerpoint to finish assignment. Topic: This assignment will require y

following instructions and powerpoint to finish assignment.


This assignment will require you to research about a specific demographic of people in order to find a research topic. The demographics for this semester are the following –

Low-income families

Please make sure your focus is in US.

Once you choose your demographic of people, you will need to choose a specific topic that discusses an issue they are experiencing. If you would like, you may choose the topics of Academic Integrity for international students or Domestic Violence on any other demographic listed above.


The essay should be a minimum of 1500 words (not including the title page or references) and follow APA formatting. A title/references page is required, and the essay should follow general paragraph patterns as taught in the lectures. 7 – 8 paragraphs are required for the assignment (an introduction, 1-2 background paragraph(s), 4 body paragraphs, and a conclusion). It should follow the patterns for paragraph organization and sentence structure according to the class lessons, additional notes, and as available in the course pack. The thesis statement should closely resemble the model discussed in the lectures.

Resources & Evidence:

You will be required to provide at least 15-20 sources of evidence.

As a research essay, you should use all possible methods to discover ideas for their topic. This should include the library, Google Scholar, Google Books, news search engines, government agencies and NGO websites, as well as any discipline specific internet websites.

Evidence should include the variety of types learned in ENGL 101, including expert theory/testimony/interpretation, statistics, agreement, facts, case studies, & examples


· Start with a hook (a famous quotation or a question for the reader)

· Introductory sentences should generally state the purpose of writing about the topic (this should be VERY general/theoretical).

· Topic sentence should introduce your limited topic generally

· Thesis + Roadmap (Roadmap can be made a separate sentence)

Background Paragraph(s)

One longer background paragraph (7-10 sentences) or two shorter paragraphs (3-5 sentences each)

· Focus on the following three components: Definitions, Historical Events, and Factual Information

· The background paragraph should not exceed the length of the body paragraphs, however.

· If only one paragraph, you are free to use any researched, factual information necessary to define the topic, so long as it is arranged deductively (general to specific)

· If two paragraphs, write researched, factual information about the general topic in the first paragraph, and the limited topic in the second body paragraph (e.g., Women’s rights in the first background paragraph, Women’s Rights in the workplace in Canada in the second paragraph)

· Don’t forget a transition sentence to conclude the background paragraphs. The transition to a second background paragraph should indicate the limited topic, and the transition to the body paragraphs should indicate the thesis using a synonym of the thesis key word.

Body Paragraphs

· Follow the general paragraph pattern, using key/transition words, introducing main evidence with context, and including sufficient focused discussion.

· Don’t forget the rules of including different types of evidence. For example, statistics must be followed with hedging language in the discussion, and statistics and illustrative examples should be introduced according to the patterns learned in Writing 101.

· The paragraphs should include two main pieces of evidence organized deductively, and a third or more pieces of supporting evidence that are included as citations in the explanation or discussion sections of the body paragraphs. Supporting evidence MUST BE paraphrased, and does not need to be introduced with context—a citation is sufficient.

· A body paragraph should not exceed one page in length—if it does there is probably too much of something in the paragraph (i.e. evidence, explanation, discussion) that should be edited out.


· Briefly (3-5 sentences) summarize the key words using different expression/sentence structures than what was used for the thesis and assertion/connection sentences.

· Do not end with a “wonderful” statement, though ending with a specific suggestion tied to your opinion from the thesis is acceptable.

ENGL 101:

Research Paper – Introductory Paragraph

Hello everyone, and welcome to your first ENGL 101 class. My name is Heesun Nam, and I will be your instructor for this course. Today, I want to spend some time going through introductions, the course syllabus, as well as the course format.

Today’s Lecture

Introductory Paragraph Components

Thesis Statement


The research paper module has an “e-book” (Notes)

Refer to the book & PowerPoint slides for most essential information

Please choose your topic as soon as possible

You will need to begin & complete task #4 this week. Please see your LC!

What needs to happen in an introductory paragraph?

1) Introduce the topic in a clear, meaningful way by using a hook

2) Tell the readers the importance of exploring the topic (introductory sentence)

3) Explain the topic more specifically (topic sentence)

4) Have a clear thesis statement that lays out the groundwork

The First (Two) Sentence(s) = the Hook

Try to find a direct quote from someone related to your topic – something that captures the essence of the issues

You may simply present the hook OR provide more context for the readers


“Stop the count!” – Donald Trump on Twitter

You can leave this quote as it is and let the readers “figure out” its importance by reading the rest of the introduction

OR: You may provide a context –

“Stop the count!” was a message that was sent out on Twitter in November 2020 by Donald Trump, who was seeking to stop mail-in votes from being counted towards the total number of votes for Joe Biden, his opponent. Soon, this message was transformed into “Stop the Steal”, a slogan used by those who believed the ultimate result of the election was a fraudulent one.

This gives the readers more information about the what, when, who, and how

The Second Sentence = Introductory Sentence

What do you want to talk about in this paper?

Present your topic in a way that ties it in with the hook and its subject matter

Be general! A simple mention of the topic key word (demographic & issue) is sufficient


In claiming that mail-in votes should not be valid and that counting such votes would constitute election fraud, Trump sought to bring his supporters together for a cause that would not be considered factual, thereby creating his own version of “fake news” among the less educated.

The Third Sentence: Topic Sentence

Introductory Sentence = General

e.g. “fake news” among the less educated

Topic Sentence = More Specific

e.g. “fake news on social media**”

**Include your demographic & own region/country here if you have not already


While the idea of fake news is not new, it has become more prominent and difficult to spot in the era of social media, especially in North America.

The Final Sentence = Thesis Statement

Finally, include your own OPINION on your TOPIC by presenting the CONCEPTS you have discovered in your research and using a specific PERSPECTIVE. Give the readers a sense of how you will argue your opinion by including a ROADMAP





Roadmap (causes or effects)


From a psychological perspective, the issue of fake news in North America among the less educated requires the politicians to push for tougher laws because of its tendency to spread easily through social media through the following causes: the increasing number of fake news websites, a lack of vetting individuals of authority, one’s tendency of not questioning what is published, and the prominence of “bots”.

Perspective = psychological

Topic = fake news in North America

Opinion = requires the politicians to push for tougher laws

Concept = tendency to spread easily through social media

Roadmap = 1) the increasing number of fake news websites 2) a lack of vetting individuals of authority 3) one’s tendency of not questioning what is published 4) the prominence of “bots”

How do we Determine…






The quadrants of human experience

Example: ‘Fake News’

Quadrant of HEART – what are the perspectives?



What kind of ideas can we explore with these perspectives?

The psychological mindset of individuals who tend to follow fake news (those who do not trust mainstream media, gear towards conspiracy theories…)

Another Example: Mental Health

What are the perspectives we can explore with the quadrant of MIND?



What are some things that we might be able to explore with these perspectives?

The notion that ‘mental health’ is a taboo subject (mental health = crazy?)

How some companies have politicized and profited from the subject (e.g. Bell’s ‘#letstalk campaign)

Question – in relation to ‘mental health’…

Which perspective can we come up with for STRENGTH?

What kind of ideas would belong to this perspective?

Which perspective can we come up with for SOUL?

What kind of ideas would belong to this perspective?

What Now?

Choose your topic (demographic)

Choose a specific issue that your demographic is experiencing

Workshop Day on Friday – task #4 will need to be completed!

ENGL 101:

Research Paper – Background Paragraph(s)

Hello everyone, and welcome to your first ENGL 101 class. My name is Heesun Nam, and I will be your instructor for this course. Today, I want to spend some time going through introductions, the course syllabus, as well as the course format.

In Today’s Lesson

Structure of the Background Paragraph(s)

Three components of the background paragraph


Factual Information

Historical Events


Continue to work on task #5 and see your learning coach!

Task will be checked Thursday; Friday’s workshop is optional for those who receive feedback on what they have completed

One or Two?

How broad/narrow is your topic?

Remember that your job is to offer information by organizing it DEDUCTIVELY (general -> specific)

If your topic is fairly general (e.g. “Syrian refugees in Canada”), have two paragraphs that first offer general information on the status of Syrian refugees, then provide more specific information on Syrian refugees in Canada

If your topic is more specific (e.g. “Income gap among middle-class visible minorities in the United States”), it may be sufficient to have one longer paragraph

Things to Remember

ALL information in the background paragraph should be RESEARCHED

Nothing should be directly quoted (=PARAPHRASES ONLY!)

Sources do not have to be introduced (citations are sufficient)

Component of the Background Paragraph
#1: Definitions

Assume your readers know nothing about your topic

Begin with general definitions!

Topic Key Word (“fake news”)

Paragraph Key Words (“social media”, “bots”)

Remember to PARAPHRASE the definitions

Define terms that are closely tied to your OPINION/CONCEPT

How to Write Paraphrased Definitions

According to Wikipedia, the term ‘fake news’ is defined as “false or misleading information presented as news” (Wikipedia, 2021).

No need to introduce the evidence

Wikipedia should not be used as evidence

The information should NOT be directly quoted


Fake news can be defined as misinformation that disguises itself as factual, thereby misleading the readers to believe they have encountered actual news (Smith, 2021).

Information is paraphrased

Citation is inserted at the end

Evidence/source is NOT introduced

Factual Information

What are some facts surrounding the topic/issue at hand?

Statistics should be included in this section

Make sure they are related to the opinion/concept part of your thesis

Historical Events

Describe one or two RECENT events that put a spotlight on your topic/issue

“Syrian refugees in Canada”: the story of Marissa Chan

“Income Gap in the United States”: the recent controversy of female Hollywood stars being paid less than their male co-stars

“Academic Misconduct in Canada”: UBC students having to re-do their exam after it was discovered a majority of them had cheated on it


Aim to include at least THREE sources in your background paragraph

Minimum one source per section (e.g. definition, historical event, factual information)

Make sure to paraphrase everything!

Help the readers be informed! Include general, as well as specific, information related to your topic, opinion, and concept

In-Class Group Activity (Breakout Room)

We will be looking at a sample topic/thesis together. In 3 breakout rooms, we will each find pertinent information related to the background paragraph components.

Present Your Findings!

This Week

Complete Task #5

Begin writing your introductory paragraph & the background paragraph(s) into your Research Paper Draft PAGE on Wiki

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