8Question 1 

Some behaviors a teacher might see in a child      identified as having autism spectrum disorder (ASD) include


A struggle with social   interactions and communications

Repetitive behaviors such as   rocking or cracking knuckles

Brilliant in a subject but   struggles when changing classes throughout the day

All of the above 
2 points   
Question 2 

How can prospective teachers best prepare to deal with      cultural diversity that will be experienced within the classroom?


Spend time in communities whose   residents differ from you in terms of ethnicity, culture, or language.

Volunteer in schools that differ   from those you attended

Seek out experiences to broaden   your understanding and culture. For example, travel to foreign countries.

All of the above 
2 points   
Question 3 

Ryan and Cooper refer to bullying conducted using      electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, or tablets as



online victimizing.

social strong-arming.

2 points   
Question 4 

Socialization is an important element of schooling. As      a result of socialization, children learn how to


succeed academically.

become productivemembers of   society.

pursue their own interests.

become more popular.
2 points   
Question 5 

Singleton is a divorced mother of two children who      works at a local shipping company. If she is representative of most      divorced mothers, what is the most significant problem she is facing?


Deep feelings of depression after   her marriage ended

The relocation of her family,   including finding a new home and a new school for her children

The financial strain of supporting   her family on limited income

Harassment from her ex-husband
2 points   
Question 6 

Of the following extrinsic rewards, which is most      closely associated with teaching?


A competitive salary

High status and prestige

Power over one’s subordinates and   associates

A work schedule allowing generous   time for oneself
2 points   
Question 7 

Teachers must be aware of potential signs of abuse and      know school policy and procedures for reporting abuse because


Educators are legally responsible   for reporting suspected cases of child abuse in all 50 states

Teachers rank among the most   frequent reporters of mistreatment of a child

Teachers can provide emotional   safety and stability for a child in an abusive situation

All of the above
2 points   
Question 8 

The two main strategies for serving gifted and talented      children are acceleration and enrichment.  What is the difference      between these two terms?


Acceleration references gifted   students being able to work at their own pace.
Enrichment activities are provided   to gifted students if the classroom teacher has additional time to create   them.   They are often in the form of worksheets.

Acceleration references gifted   students working at the pace of the majority of their peers.
Enrichment activities are provided   to all students, gifted and non-gifted, to go beyond the regular curriculum   in greater depth and breadth.

Acceleration references gifted   students working at a pace that matches their abilities which is often faster   than their age norms.
Enrichment is actually an   increased difficulty level of the standard classroom curriculum.

Acceleration references gifted   students working at a pace that matches their abilities which is often faster   than their age norms. 
Enrichment activities provide an   opportunity for gifted students to engage in independent and collaborative   inquiry that develops their problem solving abilities.  
2 points   
Question 9 

Mrs. Wasserberg is the principal of Kenmont High      School, located in an urban area. She has managed to develop ways for all      staff members to have positive and productive interactions with students,      while maintaining order. Such an atmosphere in a school, according to      research, helps reduce which of the following problems?


Teenage pregnancy

Child abuse

Violence and vandalism in schools

Teen-age suicide
2 points   
Question 10 

Denise, a sales representative, is considering a career      switch to become a teacher. She is bright and outgoing and likes the high      pay she has earned in sales. Yet she has felt drawn to teaching because of      the positive contribution she could make to students’ lives. If she makes      the career switch, which reward is Denise least likely to experience in      teaching?


A lively intellectual atmosphere   with colleagues and students

A work schedule offering generous personal   time

The satisfaction of contributing   positively to others’ lives

A salary that rivals other   professional salaries
2 points   
Question 11 

Social reconstructionists believe that


the world is fine as it is.

the young are agents of change.

everyone should learn about the   nation’s culture in the same way.

the wisdom of the past is very   important.
2 points   
Question 12 

Juan believes that schools can help students become      actively involved in alleviating the problem of homelessness. Juan      personifies the view of


cultural transmission.

human development education.

social reconstructionism.

the acculturator model of   schooling.
2 points   
Question 13 

Some states have passed laws forbidding instruction in      any language but English, with the basic idea of producing a society with      one dominant culture. This process of incorporating an immigrant group      into the mainstream culture is often referred to as





2 points   
Question 14 

According to Ryan and Cooper, the question “Why teach?”      is important because our answer is a good indicator of


what kind of institution is best   for our training.

what subjects we will teach.

what we will accomplish as   teachers.

how we will feel about   standardized testing.
2 points   
Question 15 

It is the third week of September, and you are just      beginning to know your first-grade students. One child, Marcus, stands out      in your mind. He has not made friends with any playmates so far, and he      rarely talks to the other children. Yesterday, during playtime, he stomped      on a cardboard puzzle after playing with it for several minutes.       Later, he told you he got mad at it because “it wasn’t all fitting in.”      During the past several days, he has had several such outbursts, usually      when things get busy in the class, such as when lining up for lunch or      recess, or marching to music. Given his behavior, you think he may


have dyslexia.

have a low IQ.

be suffering from abuse.

All of the above
2 points   
Question 16 

How could one describe the anticipated proportional      population growth trends among the various ethnic groups?


The populations of Asian   Americans, Hispanics, and whites will rapidly increase. African Americans   will experience a slight decline in growth.

Whites and African Americans will   experience steady growth, Asian Americans will experience rapid growth, and   Hispanics will experience a decline in growth.

Asian Americans, Hispanics, and   African Americans will make significant gains in growth, whereas whites will   experience a decline in growth.

African Americans and Hispanics   will make large gains in their populations, whereas whites and Asian   Americans will experience rapid declines in their growth.
2 points   
Question 17 

One drawback of using schools as vehicles for cultural      transmission is that


time limitations will prevent   students from studying all the important works necessary for them to   understand the culture.

students may then not be able to   recognize the merits of any other culture besides the dominant one of their   society.

teachers cannot both prepare   students to go to college and impart the benefit of the culture to the   students.

schools have achieved limited   success in cultural transmission.
2 points   
Question 18 

After reading several novels about teaching, Jameel has      become fascinated with teaching as a career. According to Ryan and Cooper,      what else would be a fruitful way to help him decide if teaching is the      right career for him?


To work in a variety of part-time   jobs to see if teaching is still appealing

To get advice from his former   teachers about the realities of teaching

To take a career preference test

To read some more novels and watch   movies about teaching
2 points   
Question 19 

An IEP stands for Individualized Education Plan. Which      statement most accurately describes provisions for a student with an IEP


Learning goals which a teacher   hopes to obtain during the school year are documented

An instructional aide is assigned   to the student to ensure that the student is safe throughout the school day

A written plan of action and legal   document of the student’s current academic performance, short term goals,   services to be provided, and evaluation of progress.

A specific area set up for the   student within the school or classroom that provides and independent working   space
2 points   
Question 20 

A teacher has serious concerns that a student’s      behavior signals he is contemplating suicide, and one day the student      admits that the thought has occurred to him. Which action should the teacher      take first? 


have a long talk with the student,   telling him why he should want to live.

tell the student that he or she   will always be available if the student needs to talk.

call the student’s parents.

contact the school psychologist or   guidance counselor and explain the situation.
2 points   
Question 21 

Which of the following would fit into the newer      definition of giftedness?


A ten-year-old who can add a   series of three-digit numbers in her head

A twelve-year-old who can hit a   three-point shot in basketball 95 percent of the time

An eight-year-old who can read at   a tenth-grade level

All of these would be considered   gifted.
2 points   
Question 22 

The two ethnic groups with highest dropout rates in the      United States are


African American and Hispanic.

Native American and Hispanic.

Asian American and Native   American.

Hispanic and Pacific Islander.
2 points   
Question 23 

Which of the following is the best indicator that you will      be satisfied teaching?


Listening to your parents,   friends, and others who know you well communicate that teaching would be a   good career for you

Being attracted to performing an   important social service

Knowing that children usually like   you very much

Enjoying the power and influence   you can have upon others
2 points   
Question 24 

Intrinsic rewards in teaching include which of the      following?


The close work with young people,   the actual teaching, and the power

Performing a significant social   service and the flexible work schedule

The salary, the actual teaching,   and the status

The actual teaching and   satisfaction from the performance of an important social service
2 points   
Question 25 

What is the most prominent argument in favor of      multiculturalism?


All ethnic groups and minorities   have contributed to the United States. To only focus on the white, male,   European perspective results in an incomplete vision.

An appreciation of various   cultures is to be hoped for, yet schools cannot realistically teach the   important elements of every culture.

Students should focus on the ideas   and the forces that have worked to create the United States

All of the above

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